Novacon 50


Novacon 31 GoH: Gwyneth Jones

Gwyneth Jones

It was twenty years ago today, more or less, that I was a guest at Novacon, and the year that Bold As Love (episode 1) was published. I took my family, and was all set to have a great time. I can still remember that the convention was pretty good, committee very friendly, and my Amnesty International Benefit bookstall went well. Also that Peter and I somehow managed to visit the Jacob Epsteins etc. in the ?New Walsall Gallery (Modern Art collection: impressive; didn't get to hear Noddy Holder impersonating a lift). And the sausage and mash event was tasty. Can't remember a word of my guest of honour speech, naturally enough, but can remember vividly how hot & sick poor Gabriel was. Happily, he was getting better by the Sunday.

So, good in parts. But the good parts were memorable.

Thanks for inviting me, sorry about the vomiting child . . .