Novacon Code of Conduct

Let’s be excellent to each other! Oh… there needs to be more? OK, then.

A Convention is a private event and, as such, the Committee has always had the right and the ability to remove any attendee for antisocial behaviour. Over recent years, it has become standard practice for such events to publish a Code of Conduct providing guidelines as to what that antisocial behaviour may include.

For most people, the simple principle of, “Behave like a decent human being,” is enough of a guideline. However, just in case, these are the behaviours we feel lead to that result:

  1. Be welcoming. We expect all our attendees to respect each other’s right to be at Novacon. In particular, discriminatory behaviour or harassment will not be tolerated.
  2. Be courteous and aware we all have different sensitivities. If your language or behaviour is unwelcome to another attendee then stop. Anything else may be considered harassment.
  3. Be respectful of other people’s boundaries. Physical contact should only occur with all parties’ enthusiastic consent. Remember, not everyone likes being hugged.
  4. Be aware that communication may be verbal or non-verbal.

Discrimination includes, but is not limited to: sex, gender, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, age, religion and mental or physical disability.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to, any behaviour that can be reasonably expected to disturb or intimidate another convention attendee. It may be verbal or non-verbal.

Dealing with discrimination or harassment

If you feel comfortable, address the person and the problem behaviour directly. In most cases this will be all that is required.

If you are not comfortable with a direct approach then either:

Convention Response and Responsibilities

The Novacon Convention Committee is responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct and for maintaining confidentiality.

Two committee members are designated to deal with complaints. These are Helena Bowles and Alice Lawson. The complaint will be heard, in confidence, in a private place, and an appropriate response agreed upon with the complainant This may be any of the following:

The committees decision in this matter is final.

If a complaint is made about you, either to your face or via the designated committee members your interaction with the complainant is over. Full stop.

In cases of a dispute with the hotel, the committee will support the hotel and the hotel’s own Code of Conduct.

The standard of judgement in these matters is the “reasonable person” standard as applied by the designated committee members. Attempts to “rules lawyer” the Code of Conduct will be seen as a sign of bad faith.

This Code of Conduct is considered to be a living document and is expected to evolve year on year. That said, we need to lock down the Code for each convention. This is the iteration that will be in use at this year's Novacon. Constructive comments are welcome and will be considered when drawing up the Code of Conduct for next year's Novacon. Please address suggestions to Helena Bowles on the email below.


Helena Bowles & Alice Lawson: : number will be available at the convention

Helena Bowles email: