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Novacon 43
Nova Awards

In 1973, Novacon instituted the annual Nova Awards to celebrate achievement in British science fiction fanzines. Originally decided by a panel of judges, voting was subsequently extended to all Novacon members who could demonstrate a basic knowledge of current fanzines.

Following Novacon 32, the three categories - best fanzine, best fanzine writer, best fanzine artist - were extended to cover fanzines produced in Eire. In addition, electronic fanzines are now eligible.

Beginning with the 2011 Nova Awards, voting was extended to all UK / Irish residents who have read at least six qualifying fanzines published during the eligibility period.

Both on-line and downloadable voting forms will be available in due course on this website.

The following ‘longlist’ details eligible fanzines known to the current administrator, along with the name of the editor(s). The majority are available to read or download at

Andromeda’s Offspring #6 (Theresa Derwin)
Ansible #303-313
(Dave Langford)
The Banksoniain #19
(David Haddock)
Banana Wings #51-53
(Claire Brialey, Mark Plummer)
Beam #5, #6
(Nic Farey, Jim Mowatt (as Jim Trash))
(Graham Charnock)
BW #6, #7
(Claire Brialey, Mark Plummer)
Data Dump #177-186
(Steve Sneyd)
Detritus #1
(Chuck Connor, Rodney Leighton)
Eat That Duck #4
(Ron Gemmell)
Eric the Mole #4
(Ron Gemmell)
Exhibition Hall #22-25
(James Bacon, Chris Garcia, Ariane Wolfe)
Fanzine Fantastique
(Autumn/13; Keith Walker, Rosemary Walker)
The FFix #29-32
(Steve Green)
The Fortnightly Fix #28
(Steve Green)
Fourth Age Lembas #4
(Sandra Bond)
Griff #5
(Ian Milsted)
Gross Encounters #22
(Alan Dorey)
Head #11.5
(Doug Bell, Christina Lake)
Journey Planet #14, #15
(James Bacon, Chris Garcia)
Inca #9
(Rob Jackson)
The Little Book of 42s
(Carrie Mowatt, Jim Mowatt)
A Meara For Observers #13-16
(Mike Meara)
Motorway Dreamer #8
(John Nielsen Hall)
No Sin But Ignorance #52, #53
(Claire Brialey)
Nowhere Fan #1
(Christina Lake)
Pips #9, #10
(Jim Mowatt)
Procrastinations #12
(John Coxon)
Quantum B*llocks #10
(Jinnie Cracknell)
Raucous Caucus #1, #2
(Pat Charnock)
Relapse #20, #21
(Peter Weston)
Science Fact and Science Fiction Concatenation
(Jan/13; Jonathan Cowie)
Theresa For TAFF Newsletter #1-3
(Theresa Derwin)
Tiny TAFFzine #1-4
(Jim Mowatt)
Unreliable Narrator #2
(Doug Bell)

My thanks to Mark Plummer and Claire Brialey for their assistance in compiling this breakdown. Fanzines for inclusion in next year’s list should be sent to 33 Scott Road, Solihull, B92 7LQ.