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Main Programme

Novacon 41 will offer a traditional single-stream programme, with a strong literary theme, as well as more lighthearted "fannish" items.

The main programme will be complemented by the artshow, dealers' room and archive video show (courtesy of Dave Lally) - not forgetting the bar, which is at the very core of the Novacon ethos.

Further details will be announced in our three progress reports and on our news page.

Dealers' Room

The Novacon dealers' room is our one-stop shop for books, art and crafts.


Once again, Novacon will be running a packed artshow, with many of the items featured in Sunday's arts and crafts auction. We'll also have our CD:ROM art display up and running.


Members can also enter items in the Novacon book auction (Saturday) and the Novacon arts & crafts auction (Sunday). Please advise the Registrations Desk immediately upon arrival if you have items for auction. A 10% commission is charged on all sales.

Beer Tasting

What would our annual post-con dead dog party be without our international beer tasting? Tickets will be available at from the registrations desk, but it's far more fun if you bring along three bottles of beer (the more obscure, the better).

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