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Our Guest of Honour: Justina Robson

Justina Robson was born in Leeds in 1968 and studied philosophy and linguistics at the University of York. She worked in a variety of jobs - including secretary, technical writer, and fitness instructor - until becoming a full-time writer. After attending the Clarion West Writing Workshop she made her debut in print in 1994 in the British small press magazine The Third Alternative, but is best known as a novelist. Her debut novel Silver Screen was shortlisted for both the Arthur C Clarke Award and the BSFA Award in 2000. Her second novel, Mappa Mundi, was also shortlisted for the Clarke Award, in 2001 (it won the 2000 Amazon.co.uk Writer's Bursary). In 2004, Natural History, her third novel, was shortlisted for the BSFA Award, and came second in the John W Campbell Award. Her novels have been noted for sharply-drawn characters, as well as an intelligent and deeply thought-out approach to the tropes of the genre. She has been described as one of the very best of the new British hard sf writers.

Living Next-Door to the God of Love is a loose sequel to Natural History, as it is set in the same universe. But Keeping It Real (2006) marked the beginning of a whole series. The "Quantum Gravity" books are set 10 years after a quantum bomb caused our dimension and the realms of faerie, demonia, elementals and death to intermingle. They feature Lila Black, "half-robot, all attitude", who works for Earth's (or Otopia's, as it is now known) secret service and is in love with a half-elf, half-demon. The subsequent volumes, Selling Out (2007) and Going Under (2008) will be followed by a fourth, Chasing the Dragon, to be launched at a special party on the Friday night of this Novacon!

Silver Screen
Macmillan (UK), 1999
Pyr (USA), 2005
Lubbe (Germany), 2006
ISBN 0-333-75437-9
(BSFA nominee, 1999; Arthur C Clarke nominee, 2000; Philip K Dick Award nominee, 2005).

Mappa Mundi
Macmillan (UK), 2000
Lubbe (Germany), 2003
Pyr (USA), 2006
ISBN 0-333-75438-7
(Arthur C Clarke Award nominee, 2002)

Natural History
Macmillan (UK), 2003
Lubbe (Germany), 2005 (as Die Verschmelzung)
Bantam Spectra (USA), 2005
Bibliopolis (Spain), 2006
ISBN 0-333-90745-0
(BSFA nominee, 2003; Campbell Award nominee, 2004; Philip K Dick Award, 2005)

Living Next Door to the God of Love
Macmillan (UK), 2005
Bantam (USA), 2006
ISBN 1-4050-2116-0
(BSFA nominee, 2005; Philip K Dick Award nominee, 2006; Campbell Award nominee, 2007)

Quantum Gravity: Keeping it Real
Gollancz (UK), 2006
Pyr (Prometheus, USA), 2007
ISBN 0-575-07861-8

Quantum Gravity: Selling Out
Gollancz (UK), 2007
ISBN 0-575-07863-4

Quantum Gravity: Going Under
Gollancz (UK), 2008
ISBN 0-575-07866-9

Quantum Gravity: Chasing the Dragon
Orion (UK), 2009
ISBN 10: 0753817683

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