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Main Programme

Novacon 37 will offer a traditional single-stream programme, with a strong literary theme, as well as more lighthearted "fannish" items.

We'll also be reflecting our sub-title, "Celebrating 70 years of British science fiction conventions", with a series of guest appearances and displays. Please contact us if you have any interesting photographs or memorabilia from British sf events, particularly any predating the 1995 worldcon.

The main programme will be complemented by the artshow, dealers' room and archive video show (courtesy of Dave Lally) - not forgetting the central bar, which is at the very core of the Novacon ethos.


Novacon 37 officially launches at 7pm, although those who arrive early are welcome to enjoy the selection of short films we've scheduled for 5pm onwards. Immediately after the opening ceremony, our guest of honour Charlie Stross will be interviewed on stage, then it's party time - with free drinks, books and a variety of special guests. And if all that isn't enough, there's our late night creature feature, including the UK convention premiere of Frankenstein Vs The Creature From Blood Cove.


Saturday gets into gear when Bridget Bradshaw regales us with more of her Stateside adventures representing the TransAtlantic Fan Fund, followed by the infamous Novacon book auction. Lunchtime sees our first panel of the weekend, as Dave Hardy leads a discussion on current trends in sf and fantasy illustration and the growth of digital art, then Charlie Stross takes centre-stage for his guest of honour speech (this will include a short Q&A). Later, our second panel of the day discusses the history, legacy and future of the science fiction magazine, followed by what is certain to be a heated debate on Britainís steady transformation into a surveillance society. The evening kicks off with our programme of the newest and weirdest in international cinema, before we unveil our special entertainment item (no clues yet, but we can guarantee itíll be one of the weekendís highlights). Finally, our traditional pub quiz will double-check whether any of your braincells have survived the Black Sheep and/or Addlestones on tap in the convention bar.


Peter Weston and Julian Headlong lead us down memory lane with their Sunday morning paean to the golden age of sf covers, then itís wallets out for the arts and crafts auction. Charlie Stross will be among those discussing the renewed optimism in British sf, before we wax both nostalgic and predictive with our closing debate on the 70-year history of UK conventions and their likely path as they head into the 21st Century. Our prizegiving ceremony will see the presentation of this yearís Nova Awards and the announcement of our raffle winners, then thereís a brief pause before the traditional post-Novacon beer tasting and buffet (which this year has a Caribbean flavour: donít forget to pick up your tickets at the registrations desk). And then, we rest until next yearÖ

Exact details remain subject to change, so please check back here to see the latest plans.

Dealers' Room

The Novacon dealers' room is our one-stop shop for books, art and crafts. Tables cost £20.00 each, payable by cheque to "Novacon 37", 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield, S2 3HQ. (If you haven't confirmed your booking yet, please call Steve Lawson on 0114 281 1572 to check availability.)


Once again, Novacon will be running a packed artshow, with many of the items featured in Sunday's arts and crafts auction. Among the exhibits definitely not for sale is Pete Lyon's original painting for the issue of Interzone which included the first story sold by our guest of honour, Charlie Stross (our thanks to Charlie for offering to bring that alone). We'll also have our CD:ROM art display up and running. Do contact us at once if you want to exhibit your artwork.


Members can also enter items in the Novacon book auction (Saturday) and the Novacon arts & crafts auction (Sunday). Please advise the Registrations Desk immediately upon arrival if you have items for auction. A 10% commission is charged on all sales.

Beer Tasting

What would our annual post-con dead dog party be without our international beer tasting? Tickets will be available at £5 each from the registrations desk, but it's far more fun if you bring along three bottles of beer (the more obscure, the better) - full details in our third progress report, out shortly.

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