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Novacon 37 GoH to appear on Second Life

Charlie Stross is scheduled to be interviewed on Second Life - the online community - at 08:00 Pacific Time today.

Read more about Charlie's appearance on Second Life

13 November 2007

Nova Awards for Peter Weston, Mark Plummer, Alison Scott
Ian R MacLeod to headline Novacon 38, November 2008
Novacon 37 programme book now available online

Prolapse editor Peter Weston had barely collected his Nova Award for best fanzine - to go alongside the very first Nova, presented to Speculation back in 1973 - than GoH Charlie Stross handed him a third, for "best fan". This is the special category, occasionally presented by Novacon committees to someone with a special link to the convention.

Mark Plummer was named best fanzine writer and Alison Scott best fanzine artist. The full voting breakdown will be posted shortly on this site.

Novacon 38 will be held at the Quality Hotel, near Walsall, on 14-16 November 2008; Ian R MacLeod has been announced as GoH. Membership is currently 35, payable to "Novacon 38" at 379 Myrtle Avenue, Sheffield, S2 3HQ. The convention's website is under construction.

Meanwhile, Novacon 37's programme book - with contributions from Brian W Aldiss, Harry Harrison and Ken MacLeod, plus the closing instalment in our history of British science fiction conventions - can now be downloaded from the "Publications" section of this website.

Novacon 38 website (under construction)

5 Novacon 2007

Novacon 37 publishes PR#3

The third Novacon 37 progress report is now available online; hardcopies have been posted to all members.

As well as details of the provisional programme, it includes the third instalment of our ongoing series on the history of British sf conventions.

Read PR#3 online

26 October 2007

Provisional programme anounced

Our outine programme for Novacon 37 is now available to read online. It includes details of the panels, feature presentations and movies we've lined up for your weekend.

Check our our programme

16 October 2007

More prizes, freebies for Novacon members

Friday night will be party time at Novacon - with free drinks and books among the attractions.

As well as goodies from Abaddon Books for every member, sf imprint Solaris will be donating twenty sets of three books for a free draw at the party, including Eric Brown's Helix and Jeffrey Thomas' Deathstock.

Meanwhile, Greenwood Books has promised a copy of the forthcoming An Unofficial Companion to Terry Pratchett for our annual raffle in aid of Talking Books for the Blind.

15 October 2007

Helena Bowles to chair Novacon 38

Helena Bowles, chair of Novacon 22, will be taking on that same role for Novacon 38. It is hoped to announce the guest of honour, venue and dates at Novacon 37 next month.

Helena has served on six Novacon committees, most recently running publications for Novacon 36.

She can be contacted via novacon38@novacon37.org.uk.

1 October 2007

Doctor Who bonanza for Novacon raffle

Novacon's traditional fund-raising raffle will this year include a Tardis-load of Doctor Who goodies.

Specialist retailer Forbidden Planet has donated a remote controlled Gold Dalek (rrp 34.99) - pictured right - as well as a Cyberman "voice changer" helmet (rrp 29.99) and a remote-controlled Dalek vs Cyberman battle pack (rrp 24.99). Many thanks to Danie Ware at FP for arranging this generous gift, which will help raise money for the convention's regular charity, the Royal National Institute for the Blind's "Talking Books" programme.

Our thanks also to LX, the 2009 Eastercon, which has donated a free membership, and to Peter Harrow, who's added one of his fantasy statuettes to the line-up of prizes.

Read one client's appreciation of the RNIB's science fiction releases

15 September 2007

Deadline nears for Novacon dealers' room

Final bookings are now being taken for the Novacon dealers' room, located on the corridor between the central bar and the main programme.

Tables are available at 20.00 each. Cheques should be made payable to "Novacon 37" and posted to 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield, S2 3HQ, to arrive no later than 6 October.

Check out our programme

Which of Charlie Stross's novels are you missing?

11 September 2007

Hugo victories for former Novacon guests

Two of Novacon's past guests of honour are among this year's Hugo Award winners, announced on 2 September at the Japanese worldcon, Nippon 2007.

Ian McDonald (GoH, Novacon 32) took the "best novelette" Hugo for his story "The Djinn's Wife", first published in Asimov's Science Fiction, whilst Dave Langford (GoH, Novacon 15) beat John Scalzi by just one vote to be named "best fanwriter".

Our commiserations to Novacon 37's guest of honour, Charlie Stross, whose lucky kilt failed him: Glasshouse lost out to Vernor Vinge's novel Rainbows End.

Read the full results in Ansible #242

5 September 2007

Charlie Stross dressed for success in Japan

Novacon 37 GoH Charlie has just arrived in Japan, where he'll be attending Nippon 2007, this year's world science fiction convention.

Charlie reports he made sure to pack his lucky kilt: "As my track record to date is: wear the kilt, win a Hugo: don't wear the kilt, don't win, I'm not going to risk leaving it at home."

Read Charlie's worldcon itinerary

28 August 2007

Charlie Stross wins Sidewise Award

The opening three novels in Charlie Stross' "Merchant Princes" series have won the "long form" category of the Sidewise Award for best alternate history sf of 2006.

The winner was announced at TuckerCon in St Louis. Also shortlisted were novels by Robert Conroy, Jo Walton, Paul Park and Harry Turtledove.

Charlie writes: "This is the first time I'd been shortlisted for the Sidewise, and follows a rule change that opens the long form up to include multi-volume works.

"I'd like to offer my congratulations to everyone else who was on the shortlist, and say better luck next time. (And I think because I won the long form award for a series work, you can now cross me off the competition -- it's my only alternate history in the pipeline.)"

Read about the Sidewise Awards

4 August 2007

Novacon guests go undercover

Eight sf novels in Orion's August line-up use cover designs which feature neither the book's title or its author. Four of the eight are by previous Novacon guests of honour: Stephen Baxter's Evolution, Paul McAuley's Revelation Space, Christopher Priest's The Separation and Alastair Reynolds' Fairyland.

Orion's Malcolm Edwards confirmed the standard paperback editions will remain available. "All the older titles we reissued with non-genre covers last year have reprinted at least twice (despite mostly being 1 more than the regular edition), so we're hopeful of reaching some new readers with these."

Check out the covers here

27 July 2007

Novacon speech unearthed after 35 years

The second edition of Chuck Connor's electronic fanzine Phlizz will feature a recording and transcript of Doreen Rogers' GoH speech at Novacon 2 in 1972. The audiofile was transferred from an original reel-to-reel recording.

Read Phlizz #1

17 July 2007

Charles Stross features on BBC technology website

"UK science fiction writer Charles Stross, author of novels Accelerando and Singularity Sky, posits a future in which all human experience is record on devices the size of a grain of sand."

Read the full article

10 July 2007

Softback release rescheduled for The Jennifer Morgue

The UK paperpack edition of Charlie Stross' novel The Jennifer Morgue will be released in September - two months earlier than originally announced.

28 June 2007

Charlie Stross on Bookzone

The website Bookzone.tv currently features a four-minute interview with our guest of honour, Charles Stross, waxing lyrical on The Atrocity Archives.

26 June 2007

Novacon ad rates announced

Novacon 37 has announced the advertising rates for its programme book, distributed to all members of the convention.

Pro rates are 120 for a full-page ad, 60 for a half-page and 35 for a quarter-page. Fan rates are half these costs.

The deadline for booking advertising is 1 September 2007.

31 May 2007

Missile Gap now online

Charlie Stross's novella Missile Gap can now be read online at the Subterranean Press website.

Read Missile Gap now

23 April 2007

Novacon 37 GoH at US computer convention

Charlie Stross will be in Troy, Michigan, this weekend as a guest of the computing convention Penguicon 5.0.

The event's core theme is Linux and open source software. Charlie used to write about Linux and Perl in his Computer Shopper column, and regularly incorporates future technology in his fiction.

Check out the Penguicon website

19 April 2007

Novacon 37 GoH profiled in SFX

Charlie Stross is interviewed in the May edition of SFX, out this week.

"I don't think we [writers] have any great duty to predict the future," he tells Jonathan Wright, "but if we can and we choose not to because we're afraid of getting it wrong, then that reflects badly on us."

18 April 2007

Novacon 37 rates rise on 1 May

Membership rates for Novacon 37 increase from 35.00 per person to 38.00 on 1 May.

The 2007 Eastercon, Contemplation, was the last convention at which we'll be running a table before the rise, so non-members should get their cheques to us by post as a matter of urgency.

Download a membership form now

12 April 2007

More acclaim for Novacon 37 GoH Charlie Stross

Charlie Stross' novel Glasshouse has been nominated both for a Hugo Award - his fourth year straight as a Hugo finalist - and the Libertarian Futurist Society's Prometheus Award.

Meanwhile, fellow writers have begun to provide positive feedback for the cover of Charlie's forthcoming science fiction novel Halting State:

William Gibson: "As keenly observant of our emergent society as it is our emergent technologies, Halting State is one extremely smart species of fun."

Vernor Vinge: "Charles Stross is the most spectacular science-fiction writer of recent years. In Halting State, he has written a near-future story that is at once over-the-top and compellingly believable."

10 April 2007

US horror homage to premiere at Novacon 37

As part of its "Friday Night Fright" film programme, Novacon 37 will present the UK convention premiere of William Winkler's Frankenstein Vs The Creature From Blood Cove.

Described by RogueCinema as "a joy to watch", this full-length movie is a homage to the low-budget cult classics of yesteryear. It was named "Best Feature" at last year's World Horror Convention.

Go to the William Winckler Productions website

9 April 2007

Novacon 37 publishes PR#1

The first of Novacon 37's three progress reports is published this week, but those who prefer not to wait can now download it direct from the website.

As well as information on the convention, venue and guest of honour, PR#1 contains the first of four articles by Peter Weston and Mark Plummer charting the history of British science fiction conventions.

Go to the Progress Reports page

3 April 2007

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