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The Committee

Steve Green [chair & publications]: "It's rather daunting to acknowledge Novacon 37 marks the thirtieth anniversary of my first encounter with the Brum Group's annual shindig (it was actually my second convention, but the first where I really felt at home; indeed, I've only missed one in all the years since). Meanwhile, I managed to fit in organising the infamous alternative programme at Novacon 13 (destroying an office carpet in the process), chairing Novacon 14, co-publishing (with Martin Tudor) Critical Wave: the European Science Fiction & Fantasy Review from 1987-96, guesting on Radio 5's The Way Out as the show's resident sf & horror geek, producing fifty fanzine columns for The Dark Side, hosting the fan lounges at Intervention and Wincon V, administering the Delta Film Award and Nova Awards, running programme at Novacon 32 and publications for Novacon 33. Guess I'm just hooked."

Vicky Cook [programme co-ordinator]: "I was thrown into sf at the deep end about six years ago, when I turned up at a Brum Group meeting, showed some enthusiasm and promptly got offered the vacant position of secretary; afterwards, I lurked about a bit before being asked to join the Novacon 34 committee. Before this, I had the university sf background of drinking lots and not knowing an awful lot about the genre, so I had a lot to catch up on - which I have been doing, in between attempting to get onto any committee going (I now co-organise Fantasycon, as well as working on Novacons and various non-sf bits & bobs). I was born into a media-obsessed era, so like anything film-related, though I do like to read when I get a chance. This is my first year doing programming for Novacon, and I'm happy to receive suggestions/ideas!"

Steve Lawson [registrations]: "I've been interested in science fiction ever since I can remember, starting with Kemlo, Hugh Walters' books, etc. I still have all the books I have ever bought; I can't seem to get rid of any, even my Gor books (only the first five), or my Perry Rhodan (only the first twenty-seven), all books I will probably never read again. I've been going to conventions since 1977. Now I spend too much time trying to run conventions to read much, or maybe I'm just getting old and tired; naah, if that was the case, I wouldn't be helping to run cons, would I?"

Ann Green [secretary]: Attended her first Novacon in 1983 and found herself running registrations for Novacon 14 that same weekend (although she remained disguised as "Ann Thomas" for an entire month). Frequently spotted in charge of Novacon's art show, her main role is as husband Steve's "responsible adult".

Alice Lawson [treasurer]: "I have been around fandom since 1988. Since then, I have worked on various Novacon committees and some Eastercon committees, including the first Paragon, which I chaired. I have also been on two worldcon committees, and at one stage was involved in all three committees during the same year (not recommended, however, as it will affect your sanity). Helping to organise conventions is something I enjoy, possibly because I tend to be bossy, but also because I get to meet lots of interesting people, including many of you. I would recommend anyone to try being on a committee at least once, or to volunteer for some gopher shifts; it really is a great way to meet people, but I warn you: it can be addictive..."

Kevin Clarke [Internet]: "Before 1980, my sf habit was well under control: a few Clarkes and Asimovs and the occasional Gollancz hardback from the library. Then, in the space of about 12 months, I helped found the Exeter Uni SF Society, went to my first convention (Glasgow's Albacon), dreamt up the idea that would become Exeter's Microcon (which I recently learned has subsequently been running for more than a quarter-century)... and met Steve Green. This last event led to my involvement in Critical Wave, the Tavern at the End of Time comic strip and a series of (generally messy) fan room projects at Novacons and Eastercons. I've been largely absent from conventions over the last decade or so, whilst building a career in the world of Internet development - an ideal excuse for my return to helping run a Novacon!"

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